1 koma Manga, Digital Picture Book, 2019

How to read this book
— Mouse Event —
  • Click at upper part of the screen to display the control panel.
  • Clicking the screen with the control panel displayed will retract the control panel.
  • Click the lower right corner of the screen to display the full screen button. Click the full screen button to switch between full screen and non-full screen.
  • Left-clicking on the screen with a Waka is displayed will let the Waka disappear.
  • Right-clicking on the screen (long touch for touch devices) when a Waka is not displayed will display the Waka.
  • Right-click on the screen with a Waka displayed (long touch for touch devices), information about the Waka will be displayed.
  • Click on the screen for the cover page and the last page (credit notation) to go to the next page (the cover page for the last page).
  • — Control Panel —
    control panel

    In order from the left

  • Index : Move to the index page.
  • Replay : Reload the current page.
  • Previous Page : Move to the previous page.
  • Next Page : Move to the next page.
  • Setting : Move to the setting page.
  • Bookmark : Bookmarks are displayed. Click the button again to retract the bookmarks.
  • — Bookmark —
  • Click on a new bookmark (no number is displayed) to register the page in the bookmark.
  • Click near the tip of a bookmark (the direction with the number on it) to go to the number page.
  • Click near the root of a bookmark to delete it.
  • — Keyboard Event —
  • p or left arrow : Move to the previous page.
  • n or right arrow : Move to the next page.
  • r : Reload the current page.
  • i : Move to the index page.
  • s : Move to the setting page.
  • u : Undo. Return to the page you were looking at before the page.
  • enter : Let waka disappear when waka is displayed (same as left click).
  • w : Displays the waka when the waka is not displayed, and displays waka information when the waka is displayed (same as right-click).
  • — Swipe —

    On touch devices, you can move pages by swiping left or right.

    — Setting Page —
  • Language : English or Japanese can be selected.
  • Waka Display : If you select "off", Wakas will not be displayed.
  • Waka Animation Speed : You can change the animation speed when the Wakas appear. The default value is 5. The higher the value, the slower the speed.
  • To return from the setting page, use the "back" button or the shortcut key "u". Do not use the browser's back button.